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KMT to Leverage on Referendum, Control of Local Governments Against the DPP on Pork Issue

BRIAN HIOE | 01/17/2021

On January 9, outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that all restrictions on official contacts with Taiwanese officials were terminated. Applause radiated from Taipei.

Taiwan Policy for Biden Complicated By Last-Minute Nature of Lifting of Restrictions By Pompeo

The Biden Administration issued a statement in response to an incursion of Taiwan’s Air Zone by Chinese warplanes on Saturday, expressing "concern" at Beijing's "attempts to intimidate."

Biden Administration Surprises with Statement, Deployment of Carrier Group After Chinese Flyovers of Taiwan

With the outbreak of a cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Taoyuan General Hospital, cases of domestic transmission of COVID-19 have resumed in Taiwan

KMT Calls for a Lockdown of Taoyuan to Attack the DPP, Disregarding Human Cost

A supreme court case involving eight Sunflower Movement activists resulted in the case being sent back to the High Court, with a call for more lenient sentences.

Calls for Lenience For Sunflower Movement Charges Likely to Avoid Comparisons to Hong Kong

Staging Hakka-ness: ‘Stir-fry’ and its Path to New Identities

"Invisibility does something on a subconscious level to all of us. I see what’s on-screen, it’s black, it’s white—so I think the media representations of Asians or the lack of it is important."

Interview: Charles Yu

These wandering youth, or lōng-liu-lian 浪溜嗹 youth, are continually challenging and rejecting social expectations.

Rebellion, Loyalty, and Paths into Adulthood: Entering the Lifeworlds of Wanhua's Wondering Youths

“CRACKS AND GLIMMERS PHOTOGRAPHY” is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in photography, social movements, issues around gentrification, and the broader struggle for equality.

Review: Cracks and Glimmers Photography (裂縫.微光——勢必與屋共亡的攝影展)

The semiconductor industry is strategic to national security and critical to international connections in the high tech and techno-geopolitics era.

Semiconductor Industry Strategies in Taiwan

The advent of Agriculture 4.0 technologies is creating a new paradigm where farmers harvest data rather than just plant with a renewed focus on agricultural education and human capital development.

Human Capital Development and Agricultural Aid: A New Model for Taiwan

The world is nowhere near getting over the COVID pandemic.

COVID 19 Recovery: Notes on Taiwan and the New World Trading Order

Nearly ten months after scientists identified COVID-19, China, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, and other countries are seeing a return to semi-normal life.

Technology Without Authoritarian Characteristics: The Taiwan Model of Combating COVID-19

As pig imports to Taiwan increased at the turn of the 20th century, Taiwan Livestock Insurance Corporation kickstarted the development of the Taiwanese insurance industry.

The Risky Business of Importing Pigs: The Story of Taiwan's First Insurance Comapny

COVID-19 materializes political and psychological pressures from both sides of the Taiwan Strait under the name of “disease control", trapping Chinese students in Taiwan in long standing political struggles.

A Thorny Way Back To Campus: Chinese Students In Taiwan Under COVID-19

There have already been many precarious gay people searching for help, but there are hardly any LGBTQ+ NGOs in Taiwan that state “class” or “precarity” as their main focus.

Living in Precarity: Poverty Amongst LGBTQ People in Taiwan

The new union movement can flourish by moving beyond traditional conceptions of unionism

REGIONAL: The shifting sands of an anti-authoritarian union movement

Tune into hear about Taiwan's creative Covid-19 response, collaborative efforts between citizens and government, and what makes our democracy a special one

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan

Meet Emily, the co-founder of Ghost Island Media, a podcast network based in Taiwan. Emily shares what kinds of stories need to be told, the podcast boom in Taiwan, and the meaning behind 'ghost island'.

Emily Wu, Ghost Island Media

As someone who believes in gender equality and women’s rights, I would like to share my experiences here, showing how these labels have affected our life and hoping multiculturalism can take roots at home.

Living with and through Patriarchy: My Experience as a Migrant Worker and Migrant Wife in Taiwan

Leading LGBTQ advocate Jay shares his own coming out story, how he went from running a film festival to launching an entire media platform, and the catalyst for legalizing same sex marriage in Taiwan.

PODCAST: Jay Lin, GagaOOLala and LGBTQ advocate