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In the Face of Anti-Asian Racism, Asians and Asian Americans Need to Better Understand Each Other

NATHANAEL CHENG | 03/28/2021

297 domestic cases, two imported cases, and 258 cases from the backlog were announced at the Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC) daily press conference today.

297 Domestic Cases, 258 Backlog Cases, 19 Deaths Confirmed, Details of Vaccinations Plans Revealed

401 new cases and four imported cases were announced today, along with 266 cases added from the backlog.

401 New Domestic Cases, 266 Cases From Backlog, Chen Shih-Chung Reveals Details of Biotech Negotiations

Located in Taiwan’s silicon stronghold of Hsinchu County is a world-class leader in the island’s robust semiconductor supply chain.

Taiwan Tech’s Success Driven by Hidden Champions

Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung announced 302 domestic cases, two imported cases, and 11 deaths at today’s press conference.

302 Domestic Cases, 331 Backlog Cases, 11 Deaths Announced, Splits Between Local and Central Governments Widen

I remember being amused a few years ago during the one-hundredth year anniversary of the May 4th Movement, when members of the pan-Blue camp, along with various Chinese nationalists, were outraged by the Tsai administration

A Tale of Two May 4ths

Gunda is the kind of documentary film that makes cinema art. The world Gunda created is imbued with mystery, love, and beauty.

A World Imbued with Mystery, Love, and Beauty

Our Youth In Taiwan (我們的青春,在台灣) is a story of resistance, collaboration, and frustration between three protagonists.

Worlding Taiwan-China Relations: Film Screening And Q&A With Prof. Michelle Cho is pleased to support the premier Asian American Film Festival in the San Francisco/Bay Area.

From CAAMFest 2021 and Taiwan Academy: “Direct to Taiwan”

Entrepreneurs Navigate Taiwan’s Vast Retail Space

Entrepreneurs Navigate Taiwan’s Vast Retail Space

COVID-19 has given a modest boost to online shopping in Taiwan, with platforms such as Momo, PChome, and Shopee strengthening their market positions.

E-Commerce Grows Steadily in Taiwan Amid Pandemic

A weekly snapshot of Taiwan business news stories brought to you by CommonWealth and AmCham Taiwan’s TOPICS

The Rundown: Shareholders’ Meetings Suspended, 1nm Chip Breakthrough, Job Seekers Decline

Taiwan acacia logs worth hundreds of millions of New Taiwan Dollars are stacked in heaps on the premises of Sen Hsin Industrial Co. Ltd. in Hsinchu County’s Xinfeng Village.

Taiwan Acacia’s Commercial Evolution

U.S. Senator Edward Markey lauded the Biden Administration for its attention to upholding the U.S.’ important – if unofficial – relationship with Taiwan.

The Need for Continued, Expanded U.S. Support

February 28, 2017, marked the 70th anniversary of the 228 Incident, a bloody crackdown on Taiwanese civilians by Nationalist troops in 1947.

228 Seventy-Four Years On: The Fight for Transitional Justice

In the spring of 2020, the social media accounts of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Mexico City began to share posts made by Mexican federal legislators.

Taiwan's Non-Traditional Diplomacy During the Pandemic: The Case of Mexico

From a personal point of view, this essay attempts to shed light on the opening sequence of Huang Ya-Li’s film Le Moulin (2015) by explaining the metaphor of the sequence and the film.

Le Moulin: An Invitation to Meditate on Taiwanese History by Ya-Li Huang

“Internet big sister” Jude Chao on how a passion for skincare led her to share more about mental health, wellness, and the art of real living with her debut book and sheet mask line

Jude Chao: ‘Skin Care for your soul’ and sexy radishes

There are a lot of things that delight me about children’s books despite being a single, childless, young adult.

Katrina Liu on Asian American Motherhood: “Mina Learns Chinese”

As long as you are an effective communicator, find interest in your clients’ work, are adaptable in your approach, and like people, success comes naturally.

Meet Fupei Wang of Ogilvy

We chat with the sister duo behind Meimeiwawa, about growing up in the entertainment industry, the media's portrayal of women, and how they're challenging the status quo with their independently produced films and music.

Lara and Esther Veronin, Meimeiwawa Multimedia