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Film Review: Tenet

No Man Is An Island

Much like the ideal painter Machiavelli describes, Christopher Nolan, as an artist, investigates his subject matter thoroughly in The Dark Knight and suggests its continuation in Tenet.

(Book Review) The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism

No Man Is An Island

In 2016, Trump shocked liberal Democrats. They should not have been shocked.

REGIONAL: Reading Havel in Hong Kong—And Arendt in Bangkok

No Man Is An Island

What follows, written at a time when news emerged from Hong Kong and Thailand of young activists facing prison time, is the English original of the preface of Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink.

Staging Hakka-ness: ‘Stir-fry’ and its Path to New Identities

No Man Is A Island

Hakka stir-fry, a traditional dish made with dried squid, pork belly, celery and spring onions, embodies the journey from mountainous areas in China to Taiwan.

REGIONAL: The inexplicable ongoingness of life


Memories to Choke On' is a wry, loving vision of Hong Kong’s traumatic absurdities, a rigged system that is at once laughable and full of grief

What to Watch: Taiwanese Shows & Movies on Netflix Now

From the iconic Taiwanese series "The Prince Who Turns into a Frog" to the highest-grossing LGBTQ+ film in Taiwanese history, watch out for Netflix’s Taiwanese lineup.

Hung Tung: A Painter with a Curious Brush

No Man Is An Island

The Tainan Art Museum’s solo exhibition on Hung Tung is quite comprehensive, with not only key pieces on display but also information about the media frenzy surrounding the artist.

Interview: Charles Yu

No Man Is A Island

"Invisibility does something on a subconscious level to all of us. I see what’s on-screen, it’s black, it’s white—so I think the media representations of Asians or the lack of it is important."

Taiwan’s “Chinese Professional Baseball League” Should Change Its Name


While the regions generally dominating the sports industry postponed or scaled back sports events, Taiwan has handled the pandemic so efficiently that sport league games continued.

The Dignity of Everyday Existence: Chen Cheng-Hsiung’s Anping, Peace, People Preliminary Exhibition

No Man Is An Island

I'd like to start this review with a disclaimer that though I try to be as objective as possible in my evaluation of Chen Cheng-Hsiung’s work, I might be biased.

I Dream of Popo is the Taiwanese American story of all generations

“I Dream of Popo,” shaped by a triumvirate of Taiwanese American women such as Livia Blackburne, reasonates with transnational, Taiwanese families all over the diaspora.

Rebellion, Loyalty, and Paths into Adulthood: Entering the Lifeworlds of Wanhua's Wondering Youths

Taiwan Insight

These wandering youth, or lōng-liu-lian 浪溜嗹 youth, are continually challenging and rejecting social expectations.