Capitalising on Taiwan's Advantages to Attract New Investments

Taiwan Insight

The Taiwan economy fared well in 2020 and continues to do so into early 2021. This is due to strong domestic demand, robust technology exports, and a rebound in export orders for industrial goods.

How to Promote the Long-Term Success of Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan and Other Economies

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has recently attracted attention from foreign governments and media due to the shortage of chips essential for carmakers.

"Eating Spinach": The Taiwanese Working in Philippines Gambling Industry. Part I

Taiwan Insight

In recent years, many Taiwanese have migrated to the Philippines to chase the gold rush triggered by online gambling.

Going to Paradise: The Online Gambling Industry and Taiwanese Pogos Workers in the Philipines

Taiwan Insight

In 2019, a Chinese person came to my school, Grace College, to ask for work. After he spoke with my supervisor to support him with some resources, my supervisor asked me to teach him English.

Creating Alternative Futures Through Indigeneities: Between Taiwan and the Philippines: Part I

Taiwan Insight

In the late summer of 1986, a small group of Indigenous people from the PCT (The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan) led a delegation through the Philippines’ Cordillera region.

So Close Yet So Far: The Immigrant Experience Of Hong Kongers In Taiwan

Taiwan Gazette

Even after Hong Kongers immigrate to Taiwan, they still can’t escape the cross-strait political turbulence. The Reporter interviewed immigrants from Hong Kong to Taiwan between 1969 and 2020.

The Risky Business of Importing Pigs: The Story of Taiwan's First Insurance Comapny

Taiwan Insight

As pig imports to Taiwan increased at the turn of the 20th century, Taiwan Livestock Insurance Corporation kickstarted the development of the Taiwanese insurance industry.

REGIONAL: The shifting sands of an anti-authoritarian union movement


The new union movement can flourish by moving beyond traditional conceptions of unionism

Introducing The ‘Taiwan Model’ For COVID-19

Taiwan Gazette

Taiwan Gazette Deputy Editor Elizabeth Shaw introduces how, with a population of over 23 million people, Taiwan has had a total of only 851 cases since the start of the pandemic.

How Taiwan Uses Buddhist Literature for Environmental Education

Taiwan Insight

Buddhist groups have been at the forefront of efforts to care for the environment. Included in their effort is Buddhist literature for children that reflects environmental concerns.

Protecting the 'Orphans': Advocacy Networks and Labour Movements in Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

Southeast Asian workers in Taiwan face racism, inhumane labor conditions, and lack legal protection. What does advocacy for Taiwan's biggest minority group look like?

The Labor Market, Economic Insecurity, and Populism in Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

In the past few years, two political outsiders in Taiwan have quickly accumulated popularity and became serious political contenders in elections: Ko Wen-je and Han Kuo-Yu.

Interview: Joshua Samuel Brown’s First Novel, ‘Spinning Karma’


Brown’s first full-length novel Spinning Karma is set in Taiwan and will draw you in with his idealized, albeit sharply observant, versions of the US, China and Taiwan.

REGIONAL: Why building coalition with migrant justice groups is critical for Hongkongers


By building coalitions with other oppressed communities, Hongkongers can benefit from and further strengthen existing migrant justice coalitions and demands.

Post-COVID19 Taiwan in the Global Semiconductor Industry: The New U.S. Administration

Taiwan Insight

Early into the global pandemic — and amidst ongoing U.S.-China trade tensions — the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) forecast that Taiwan’s GDP would shrink by 4% in 2020.

Unjust Deserts: Japan's Taste for Modernity and Its Satisfaction Through Taiwanese Sugar Plantations

Taiwan Insight

In the classic Sweetness and Power, anthropologist Sidney Mintz highlights both the overt and subtle power relations that linked the empire and its colonies through the metropole’s pursuit of sweetness.

Fast, Fair, Fun: Taiwan Digital Minister Audrey Tang On Pandemic Response

Ketagalan Media

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang took questions from students about her work and views at an online event hosted by the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA).

Creating Alternative Futures Through Indigeneities: Between Taiwan and the Philippines: Part II

Taiwan Insight

Since the early 1980s, the PCT (The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan) intentionally organized groups visiting several countries in an attempt to strengthen and magnify their overseas missionary work in Southeast Asia.

What TikTok Can Tell Us About Indonesian Migrant Worker Affairs In Taiwan

Taiwan Gazette

Award recipient Pranav Dayanand makes a case for what TikTok can tell us about the complex state of Indonesian migrant worker affairs in a rapidly-changing Taiwan.

Seeing Cross-Strait Relations Through "Lusheng" Policies: A Decade-Long Perspective

Taiwan Gazette

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of Mainland Chinese students (lusheng) pursuing degrees at Taiwan's higher education institutions. China’s Ministry of Education will suspend their enrolment in the Fall.

A Thorny Way Back To Campus: Chinese Students In Taiwan Under COVID-19

Taiwan Gazette

COVID-19 materializes political and psychological pressures from both sides of the Taiwan Strait under the name of “disease control", trapping Chinese students in Taiwan in long standing political struggles.

REGIONAL: Anti-communism with Chinese characteristics


A new generation of Western Marxist-Leninists, looking for a model of international socialism and anti-imperialism, support modern Chinese Communism. But China is complicit in and, in some ways, responsible for American imperialism.

How has Taiwan historically asserted sovereignty in the South China Sea?

Project Taiwan

Conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea are a potential source of conflict in the absence of preventive military or political measures.

Zhao Sile and Her Battles

New Bloom Magazine

Zhao Sile (趙思樂)'s book, Her Battles, tells the stories of female activists and dissidents in China and their activism, roughly spanning the early 2000s to 2016.

Does Press Freedom Come with Responsibility?

Taiwan Insight

On November 18, 2020, the National Communications Commission (NCC) in Taiwan refused to renew the licence of CTiTV.

REGIONAL: From the Heartland to Hong Kong, The case for global abolition


From Kansas City, my birthplace where I organize today, to Hong Kong, my familial hometown, it felt as if both poles of my world were burning.

REGIONAL: Undoing dependency - How to build future from below


In its latest edict from above, Beijing demanded holders of public office in Hong Kong to bear allegiance to the People’s Republic of China.

From Taiwan To Hong Kong, The Lives Of Mainland Chinese Nationals: ‘Representing’ Vs. ‘Being Represented’

Taiwan Gazette

Moving from mainland China to Taiwan, and then Taiwan to Hong Kong, I never once intended to play a role in politics, nor did I ever expect to be rid of it.

On Clubhouse, ‘臺kanda’: Taiwan’s Wakanda Fantasies

Are semiconductors Taiwan’s vibranium? “Actually,” offers one speaker, “it’s the Taiwanese people’s ethics and heart.” Aw.

The Activism of the "New Second Generation"

Taiwan Insight

Around 2016, following the Tsai government’s New Southbound Policy, the government suddenly focused on a particular group of Taiwanese — the so-called “the new second generation.”

The Collaborative Potential of Alternative Food Movements Between Taiwan and the Philippines

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan and the Philippines have various points of connections regarding agricultural development––historically, social, geographic, and economic.

Book launch: Hong Kong in Revolt


Lausan Collective interviews Au about his text, which offers a definitive left-wing analysis of the tumultuous movement of 2019-20 and its contradictions.

Why the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Conflict Should Matter to Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

Both contested states, Taiwan and Artsakh of the Caucasus region share similar political sentiment, goals, and threats on the international stage.

Living in Precarity: Poverty Amongst LGBTQ People in Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

There have already been many precarious gay people searching for help, but there are hardly any LGBTQ+ NGOs in Taiwan that state “class” or “precarity” as their main focus.

Gods of Democracy: Divination and Epidemic Prevention in Taiwan, 2020

Taiwan Insight

This is the story of a struggle, an unlikely yet successful survival story composed of 366 days. It tells how a democratic country became an anomaly in the world in 2020, not to mention that it has always been so since 1949.

REGIONAL: Factory diaries, My life as an undercover student workeR


Building coalition with migrant workers at a Guangdong factory unmasked a whole generation's subjection to Chinese capitalism

The Problem of Taiwan's Lost-Contact Migrant Workers' 'Illicit Enjoyment'

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan and its migrant workers are tangled in a bitter-sweet marriage: one needs another but cannot stand the flaws of the other.

How Open is Taiwan?

Ketagalan Media

Taiwan is the only ‘open’ society in all of Asia, according to the 2020 annual report of the NGO Civicus, which assesses civic freedoms such as freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Taiwan’s Southbound Policy: Relations with India during COVID-19 pandemic

Taiwan Next Gen

Increased mask production led Taiwan to donate masks to like-minded nations and its New South Policy focused countries, including India.

Floating Hells: Forced Labor of Migrant Workers on Taiwan's Fishing Vessels

New Bloom Magazine

The fishery sector has played a special role in the history and economy of Taiwan.