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About Us

Taiwan Mixed is a platform that aggregates English content on Taiwan. In particular, the aggregator seeks to support Taiwan-based independent media outlets that release English articles related to developments on the island and beyond. It also seeks to support organizations that share the same mission of sharing Taiwanese culture with an international audience and disseminating information about Taiwan on the web in a way that is accessible to all.
To that end, the aggregator has established partnerships with organizations that wish to use our platform to showcase their content. This initiative was organized and carried out by a group of undergraduate and graduate students with Taiwanese heritage. This website is open-sourced and available for all users to contribute. Contributions can be submitted through a form, and all submissions will be vetted before being published on this site.     

the team

Aurora Chang

University College London | History, Politics & Economics

Emily Chang

Case Western Reserve University | Political Science & Marketing

Alwin Yen

Purdue University | Computer Science

Salina Kuo

Columbia University & Sciences Po | Government & Politics, Philosophy

Claire Tiunn

Pomona College | Economics, Russian and European Studies

Minnie Sun

George Washington University | International Business & Sociocultural Anthropology



A podcast and community platform hosted by Cindy Yang. The podcast series presents weekly interviews with Taiwanese innovators, makers, and advocates.

Taiwan NextGen Foundation

A policy research non-profit organization that seeks to empower the next generation to redefine Taiwan. It strives to establish a connection between government, academia and industry through its research in the areas of globalization, cross-strait relations, and democratic and societal transitions.

No Man Is An Island

No Man Is An Island is a new online publication focused on the connections between everyday life and politics, writing on Taiwan and other peripheral places in the world at the margins. No Man Is An Island is brought to you by the team behind New Bloom Magazine and is part of the forthcoming New Bloom umbrella of publications.

An online portal that features interviews, stories, and news reports about culture, lifestyle, and social & political issues related to the many interesting people and organizations that make up Taiwanese America. It aims to connect and promote those who identify with Taiwanese identity, culture, and heritage.

Outreach For Taiwan

OFT features blog posts, videos, and educational pages related to Taiwanese history, culture, civil movements, and Taiwan’s place in International Relations. The website’s aim is to educate others about Taiwan by providing information and understanding of the country’s political atmosphere, current events, and historical relevance.


Lausan features decolonial left perspectives from Hong Kong by using Hong Kong as a site of analysis related to issues of neo-imperialism, neoliberal extractions, and the nation-state form. The publication is formed by a collective of writers, translators, artists, and organizers who aim to build transnational leftist solidarity and struggle for ways of life beyond the dictates of nation-state framework.

Talking Taiwan

Talking Taiwan is a weekly podcast about the interesting people and stories connected to Taiwan and Taiwan's global community. Hosted by Felicia Lin, the first episode of Talking Taiwan was released in 2013. Talking Taiwan was the brainchild of award-winning radio DJ Rick Monday (2009 Golden Bell winner for his Morning Show on ICRT once upon a time).

SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

Since the establishment of the Taiwan Studies Programme in 1999, the School of Oriental and African Studies has become one of the leading centres for Taiwan Studies in the world, and regularly hosts Taiwan Studies academic events.

Ketagalan Media

Ketagalan Media features podcasts, opinion pieces, and news reports on Taiwanese politics and history, business and innovation, and culture and lifestyle. The platform aims to increase Taiwanese news that features more historical, ideological, and international context.

Taiwan Gazette

Taiwan Gazette is a publication affiliated with the University of Toronto. They translate many of Taiwan’s most popular Chinese-language media sites and publish original content related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The site features news reports, stories, reviews, and commentaries related to events in Taiwan and events happening at the campus.

Taiwan Business Topics

Taiwan Business Topics is published monthly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, and covers current topics affecting business conditions in Taiwan, an Industry Focus section on particular industrial sectors and other reports prepared by the magazine's staff of experienced professional journalists.


The Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association is a non-profit organization providing events and resources that explore and celebrate Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American identity in order to inspire, empower, and, activate its community. They hold annual conferences in the East Coast and Mid-West region.

Project Taiwan

Project Taiwan is a non-profit organization that seeks to disseminate information to inform the public and encourage the realization of deliberative democracy in Taiwan. The organization features articles and educational TL;DR posts on historical, social, and political events related to Taiwan.

Taiwan Today

Taiwan Today initially launched in 1964 as "Taiwan Journal," an English-language weekly newspaper. It is now an online press publication that tracks the latest cultural, economic, political and social developments from around Taiwan. It is maintained under Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New Bloom

New Bloom is an online magazine that grew from the wake of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement. New Bloom reports radical, leftist perspectives on the economic, political, and social sphere in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan Insight is an online magazine from the University of Nottingham's Asia Research Institute. Taiwan Insight invites authors to discuss a different theme every week, and topics range from politics to culture and more. Taiwan Insight is a public scholarship platform that helps to make the latest research on Taiwan accessible to the broader public.

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