Meet Fupei Wang of Ogilvy

Taiwan Business Topics

As long as you are an effective communicator, find interest in your clients’ work, are adaptable in your approach, and like people, success comes naturally.

On War And Love During COVID-19: An Interview With Chien-Ting Lin (Part 1)

Taiwan Gazette

The Taiwan Gazette interviews Taiwan-based cultural studies scholar Chien-ting Lin to discuss how Taiwan’s treatment of Mainland Chinese students (lusheng) during COVID-19 can be understood in terms of war and love.

Anting Liu, Teach for Taiwan


We chat with Anting, the founder of Teach for Taiwan, a non-profit organization that aims to provide equal opportunity to all Taiwanese children.

Ron Cheng, Tinkerseeds Children's Workshop


We meet with Ron, the director of Tinkerseeds Children's Workshop and advocate for progressive education. What do today's kids need to learn? What does educational reform look like in Taiwan?

Emily Wu, Ghost Island Media


Meet Emily, the co-founder of Ghost Island Media, a podcast network based in Taiwan. Emily shares what kinds of stories need to be told, the podcast boom in Taiwan, and the meaning behind 'ghost island'.

PODCAST: Jill Chang, Quiet Is a Superpower


Meet Jill, the author of Quiet Is a Superpower. Jill shares her incredible stories of how she used her introvert strengths to succeed as the first female in Taiwan's sports agency.

For a Better Life, Move to Taiwan: My Taiwanese American Story

When my mom was twenty, she moved from Taiwan to the United States. Now I’m twenty, and I’m doing everything I can to get back.

Our Dad Invented the N95 Mask: Our Taiwanese American Story

Our father, Peter Tsai, came to the United States over 35 years ago in the 1980s with dreams, ambition, and determination to build a better life for himself through further education and learning.

Taiwan ‘Zhiguang’: Taiwanese & Taiwanese American Athletes to Root For

The term “Taiwan zhiguang,” or “the pride and glory of Taiwan,” has been used to describe the likes of Chien-Ming Wang, Yani Tseng, and Jeremy Lin, among other Taiwanese and Taiwanese American athletes.

Lara and Esther Veronin, Meimeiwawa Multimedia


We chat with the sister duo behind Meimeiwawa, about growing up in the entertainment industry, the media's portrayal of women, and how they're challenging the status quo with their independently produced films and music.

Meet Mike Wong of Kraton

Taiwan Business Topics

With over three decades of experience in the chemicals industry across markets in the West and Asia-Pacific, Kraton Formosa Polymers Corp. President Mike Wong knows how to run a successful business in a controversial sector.

Francesca Chang, @attorneyonajourney


Francesca is a tour scout, travel blogger, and career coach. Tune in to find out her favorite off the beaten path experience in Taiwan and how she reinvented herself after leaving the law.

Translating Food Cultures: Interview With 2020 Global Taiwan Awardee Stephanie Tai

Taiwan Gazette

Stephanie Tai, author of Tempting Formosa and 2020 Big Ideas Competition award recipient, talks about creating a Taiwanese dessert cookbook and paying homage to Taiwan.

Living with and through Patriarchy: My Experience as a Migrant Worker and Migrant Wife in Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

As someone who believes in gender equality and women’s rights, I would like to share my experiences here, showing how these labels have affected our life and hoping multiculturalism can take roots at home.

PODCAST: Shawna Yang Ryan, Green Island


Cindy at Taiwanren chats with Shawna Yang Ryan, author of the beloved novel, Green Island. Shawna takes us through pivotal events in modern Taiwanese history.

Searching for Taiwanese Identity Through Narrative

New Bloom

K-Ming Chang is a Taiwanese American poet and the author of Bestiary. discuss Taiwanese politics and identity and how they take shape in her work.

At Home in the Library: My Taiwanese American Story

Twenty years after we moved from Ohio to California, my parents received a letter from the children’s librarian in our old town.

On War And Love During COVID-19: An Interview With Chien-Ting Lin (Part 2)

Taiwan Gazette

The Taiwan Gazette interviews Taiwan-based cultural studies scholar Chien-ting Lin to discuss how Taiwan’s treatment of Mainland Chinese students (lusheng) during COVID-19 can be understood in terms of war and love.

Laura Huang, Harvard Business School & EDGE


Laura shares the secret to recognizing implicit bias, and make it work in your favor. We also chat about how to deal with multiple identities, letting go of bitterness, and why working hard is simply not enough.

Jamie Lin, AppWorks and Taiwan Mobile


We talk with Jamie Lin, one of the most prominent figures in Taiwan's startup landscape. Jamie reveals how the startup scene has changed over the last 20 years, and why startups are more valuable than ever.

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan


Tune into hear about Taiwan's creative Covid-19 response, collaborative efforts between citizens and government, and what makes our democracy a special one

PODCAST: Jay Lin, GagaOOLala and LGBTQ advocate


Leading LGBTQ advocate Jay shares his own coming out story, how he went from running a film festival to launching an entire media platform, and the catalyst for legalizing same sex marriage in Taiwan.

Reflecting on Challenges of Taiwan's Immigration Law: A Personal Story of Taiwanese and Tibetan Spouses

New Bloom

A group of non-governmental organizations in Taiwan organized a talk that discussed challenges, including loopholes, ambiguity, and discriminatory effects, of Taiwanese immigration law.

Meet High Schooler-Founded Social Impact Small Business ‘Formosa’

Through programs such as Vox Nativa (Vox) and Connexpedition, students students have the opportunity to create connections with the native Taiwanese community.

Field Notes from Pride in Taiwan: LGBTQ*, Taiwanese-American, & Everything In Between

Taiwan was one of the few places worldwide able to celebrate LGBTQ* visibility and acceptance during this year’s Pride Month. Hundreds of participants wearing rainbow masks marched in Liberty Square on behalf of those who could not due to the pandemic.